The Silver Tsunami - A Deeper Dive

Surviving a Demographic Tidal Wave

Recorded October 12, 2023

Americans over 55 own half of all US businesses. Most lack even a basic an ownership transition plan. A Silver Tsunami of retiring owners is quickly approaching, and when it crashes, it could wash out nearly 3 million businesses and 32 million jobs.

Join Project Equity's Stacey Smith and CSG's Lawrence Kaplan for a closer look at the data behind this looming economic crisis. Building on Project Equity's groundbreaking "Small Business Closure Crisis" report, they highlight notable industry, regional, and demographic patterns that shape our understanding of the Silver Tsunami. 

Our panelists also discuss how businesses and communities can survive this looming crisis through succession planning and transition strategies such as employee ownership.



StaceySmith 700px

Stacey Smith


Stacey has devoted her career to business sustainability and social responsibility. As Vice President of Programs at Project Equity, she oversees the development and implementation of the national organization's community initiatives.

LawrenceKaplan 700px

Lawrence Kaplan


At CSG Partners, Lawrence has built the nation's leading leveraged employee stock ownership plan practice. His expertise in capital structure and ESOP optimization has led to hundreds of successful liquidity transactions and numerous accolades from industry organizations.

JordanBurg 700px

Jordan Burg


Jordan guides CSG’s comprehensive employee ownership awareness efforts. By leveraging his broad creative, financial, and entrepreneurial experience, he helps introduce the unique benefits of ESOPs to closely-held companies and their trusted advisors.