Who can Benefit from an ESOP?

Employee stock ownership plans create concrete reward structures for companies, selling shareholders, and employees alike.

ESOPs can Create Value for all Stakeholders



  • Paid fair market value for their business
  • Can defer capital gains taxes on proceeds
  • Maintain upside potential & a role in the company


  • Receive tax deductions on sale amount
  • Can become income tax-free entities
  • Get a tool to retain & attract talent


  • Secure a unique retirement benefit
  • Earn a real stake in their companies
  • Gain workplace stability & peace of mind 

What About a 100% Employee-Owned Business?


An ESOP is an ERISA-authorized, defined contribution plan that invests in employer securities. These plans are tax-deferred. As a result, an employee-owned S corporation can operate income tax-free (federal & state) in most jurisdictions.

100% ESOP-Owned S Corps can
Increase Cash Flow by up to


compared to similar, non-ESOP S Corps.

Companies from all Industries can Benefit from an ESOP


At CSG Partners, we've completed hundreds of ESOP transactions for a wide range of businesses across the US.

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Want to Learn More?


Since 2000, CSG Partners' nationally-recognized, investment banking team has helped private companies capitalize on the benefits of ESOPs.

Join our founder, Larry Kaplan, for a compressive introduction to ESOPs. You'll learn more about key ESOP benefits, tax efficiencies, structures, valuations, financing, and typical "good fits."

For additional news and insights from our advisors visit our ESOP Resources page.

Webinar Understanding ESOPs (Vistage Atlanta 26Aug20)


Could an ESOP be Right for You?


If you’ve thought about selling your business, or if you've considered other opportunities to take some money off the table, a leveraged ESOP may be an attractive option. Answer a few simple questions to see if it’s worth exploring an ESOP plan for your business.