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Whether you have a couple minutes or an hour, we can explain the tax, liquidity, and legacy-building advantages of an employee stock ownership plan.


An Employee Ownership Case Study


Join Larry Kaplan, CSG’s Founder and Managing Partner, for a review of the leveraged ESOP feasibility, structuring, and financing process in this brief video.

Based on real client interaction, this case study highlights the key considerations and strategies behind a successful employee stock ownership plan transaction.

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Our multi-disciplinary team's primary focus is ESOPs, and our transaction volume is unmatched in the industry. That translates to extensive institutional knowledge and a deep understanding of the variability of employee stock ownership plans.


We leverage proprietary modeling and research tools – refined and developed throughout our 20+ year history – to deliver data-driven ESOP recommendations and solutions.

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Financial Reach

Our dedicated capital markets team has access to the same financing sources as private equity firms and top investment banks. In the last five years alone, 30+ bank lenders and funds have financed CSG-led ESOP transactions.

In the past 10 years alone, we've received over 40 firm and deal of the year honors.

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