The Benefits of an ESOP


Read ahead for insights and videos on the tax, continuity, and legacy-building benefits of employee stock ownership plans.

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Building Value for all Stakeholders

Employee stock ownership plans create concrete reward structures for companies, selling shareholders, and employees alike.

Who can Benefit from an ESOP?



Selling shareholders gain liquidity & asset diversification

Can defer capital gains taxes on proceeds

Maintain upside potential & a role in the company



Plan sponsors receive tax deductions on sale amount

Can become income tax-free entities

Get a tool to retain & attract talent



Employees secure a unique retirement benefit (company stock)

Earn real stake in their company

Gain workplace stability & peace of mind

What About a 100% Employee-Owned Business?


An ESOP is an ERISA-authorized, defined contribution plan that invests in employer securities. Employee stock ownership trusts are tax-exempt entities.

As a result, an employee-owned S corporation can operate income tax-free (federal & state) in most jurisdictions.

100% ESOP-Owned S Corps can Double Their Cash Flow

compared to similar, non-ESOP S Corporations.

Interested in a Closer Look?

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