Colorado's ESOP Opportunity

From valuable incentives to extensive public and private support, employee ownership is on the rise in Colorado. Learn more about the state's tax credit and read ahead for ESOP resources. 

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ESOP Essentials for Colorado Businesses

Featuring members of Colorado's Employee Ownership Commission and leading experts, these videos offer a comprehensive overview of employee stock ownership plans. Tailored for in-state business owners and trusted advisors, the interactive webinars explain how these plans function, key benefits, important financial considerations, and how leveraged ESOPs can serve as exit and succession strategies. 

Kaplan Shoemaker

An overview of the societal value and economic impact of employee ownership. Sandy Shoemaker, Chair of Colorado's Employee Ownership Commission and Larry Kaplan, CSG's Managing Partner, lead the conversation.




Bannon Briggs

Employee Ownership Commission Member Jennifer Briggs and CSG's Michael Bannon cover the core mechanics of contributory and leveraged ESOPs. They also highlight key benefits and common misconceptions.




Culberson - Blauzvern

Learn how employee ownership strategies can help business owners unlock net worth without leaving employees behind. Shina Culberson, President of the Exit Planning Institute's Rocky Mountain Chapter, and CSG's David Blauzvern share critical insights.




Skopec - Dell - Nikolai

Review common financing options and considerations with a trio of leveraged ESOP lending experts. Join Employee Ownership Commission Member Doug Dell (Key Bank), Kaitlin Skopec (BMO), and Andrew Nikolai (CSG).




Additional Resources for Colorado Businesses

Whether you're considering an ESOP, running an employee-owned company, or advising Colorado businesses, you'll benefit from these focused discussions.

Encouraging ESOP Lending in Colorado

The Cash Collateral Support Program is designed to facilitate and encourage ESOP-oriented financing for small businesses in Colorado. Learn about this public-private initiative's eligibility requirements, application process, and collateralization specifics.

Featured speakers include Doug Dell (Key Bank), Justin Vause (Colorado Housing & Finance Authority), and Mathew Licina (Colorado Employee Ownership Office).

Manufacturers Talk Employee Ownership

What does it mean to be an employee-owned manufacturing firm? Colorado-based industry experts share their experiences with ESOP-led succession and growth strategies. Learn how leading companies formed, manage, and benefit from employee stock ownership plans.

Panelists include Kerry Siggins (StoneAge), Dan Luzietti (Hercules Industries), and Jennifer Hagan-Dier (Manufacturer's Edge).